The main research interests of the Self-adaptive Software Systems group are in:

  1. Software quality requirements modeling, analysis and verification
  2. Formal methods for (self-)adaptive dependable IT systems
  3. Model- driven software engineering and the application of the theories, approaches and techniques specific to the above research areas to service-oriented and component-based systems, adaptive systems, mobile systems, and cloud computing.

The research has been funded by several national and international projects.

Scientific Results

In the last twelve years, Raffaela Mirandola has published three papers in the IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, one paper on IEEE Transactions on Reliability, one paper on the ACM Transactions on Computing Education, two papers on the ACM Transactions on Adaptive and Autonomous Systems, and two papers on Future Generation Computer Systems. In total, she has published 180+ peer-reviewed papers in international journals and conferences/ symposia.

Selected Publications

  • Francesco Renato Negri, Niccolò Nicolosi, Matteo Camilli (Politecnico di Milano), Raffaela Mirandola(KIT): Explanation-driven Self-adaptation using Model-agnostic Interpretable Machine Learning, SEAMS 2024
  • Vincenzo Riccio, Giancarlo Sorrentino, Ettore Zamponi, Matteo Camilli (Politecnico di Milano), Raffaela Mirandola (KIT), Patrizia Scandurra (University of Bergamo): RAMSES: An Artifact Exemplar for Engineering Self-Adaptive Microservice Applications, SEAMS 2024

  • Matteo Camilli (Politecnico di Milano), Raffaela Mirandola (KIT): Multi-requirement Parametric Falsification, ICSE 2024-Poster

  • M. Camilli, R. Mirandola, P. Scandurra: Enforcing Resilience in Cyber-physical Systems via Equilibrium Verification at Runtime ACM Transactions on Adaptive and Autonomous Systems, vol. 18, issue 3, pp. 1-32, 2023.

  • N. Alasmari, R. Calinescu, C. Paterson, R. Mirandola: Quantitative verification with adaptive uncertainty reduction. Journal of Systems and Software, Elsevier 188: 111275 (2022).

  • F. Alongi, M. M. Bersani, N. Ghielmetti, R. Mirandola, D. A. Tamburri: Event-sourced, observable software architectures: An experience report. Software: Practice and Experience, Wiley, vol.52, no10, pp 2127-2151, 2022.
  • V. Riccio, G. Sorrentino, M. Camilli, R. Mirandola, P. Scandurra: Engineering Self-Adaptive Microservice Applications – an Experience Report Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, ICSOC 2023, to appear
  • M. M. Bersani, M. Camilli, L. Lestingi, R. Mirandola, M. G. Rossi, P. Scandurra: Architecting Explainable Service Robots Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Software Architecture, ECSA2023, LNCS 14212, Springer 2023, pp 153-169.
  • Cavrak, A. Bucaioni, R. Mirandola: Impact of Key Scrum Role Locations in Student Distributed Software Development Projects Proceedings of 35th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training, CSEET 2023.
  • R. Pinciroli, R. Mirandola, C. Trubiani: Modular Quality-of-Service Analysis of Software Design Models for Cyber-Physical Systems Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering CAiSE, 2023, pp. 88-104. doi:
  • M. M. Bersani, M. Camilli, L. Lestingi, R. Mirandola, M. G. Rossi Explainable Human-Machine Teaming using Model Checking and Interpretable Machine Learning Proceedings of the 11th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Formal Methods in Software Engineering FormaliSE, 2023, pp. 18-28.]
  • M. Camilli, R, Mirandola, P. Scandurra: Taming Model Uncertainty in Self-adaptive Systems Using Bayesian Model Averaging. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems, SEAMS 2022: 25-35.]
  • M. Acosta, S. Hahner, A, Koziolek, T. Kühn, R. Mirandola, R. H. Reussner: Uncertainty in coupled models of cyber-physical systems. Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems: Companion Proceedings, MODELS 2022, 569-578.
  • V.Grassi, R. Mirandola, D. Perez-Palacin: Towards a Conceptual Characterization of Antifragile Systems. Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Software Architecture, ICSA Companion 2023: 121-125.

Complete List of Publications

The complete list is available as a file download.